Case Studies




Remote Interactive Webcam


Maintain 24/7 monitoring of a construction site using a live and interactive webcam at a location with no fixed line connectivity.


Connect and remotely monitor and manage CaptivEye webcams using a 3G M2M router.

3G M2M benefits:

  • Live & interactive webcam control
  • Instant progress updates from a normally inaccessible location for all interested parties
  • A powerful tool for marketing

The challenges of this plan were many: where could a camera be installed, what sort of camera would offer the most detailed view, and how would it be connected to the Internet?

Captivaction’s CaptivEYE webcam was the clear choice for this task because of its pan/tilt/zoom functionality, simplicity and ease of integration. As for where to mount the camera, the top of the adjacent Governor Phillip Tower was selected as the best vantage point.

This choice presented a number of challenges. The roof of a 62-storey building is a remote and hazardous environment for both humans and electronic equipment. Regular maintenance of the webcam and its connection would not be a simple matter. Also, whilst power was available at the site, there was no practical means of connection to the Internet via cable. A wireless Internet solution was therefore required, with reliability being paramount given the dangerous location and the fluctuating mobile phone reception at this altitude.

DEXUS Property Group commenced construction of their new headquarters at 1 Bligh St, Sydney. As a signature project, a decision was made to install a webcam offering live footage of construction via the firm’s website. This would allow DEXUS, its investors, the media and the public to watch construction as it happened and provide an up-to-date view of progress.

Utilising the 3G network in conjunction with a NetComm Wireless device proved to be the most effective solution. The throughput speeds of the unit are ideal for good resolution of video feeds. Designed for adverse environments, NetComm Wireless’ 3G M2M router is contained within a metal case and utilises industrial strength components. Its ability to operate in a wide temperature range (from -30ºC to 70 ºC) makes it ideal for deployment on mobile and outdoor applications.

The NetComm Wireless M2M device also features an integrated ‘Keep Alive’ system monitor that periodically checks the full status of the network connection by pinging an IP address. Should the unit determine that the connection has been lost, it automatically restarts itself to re-establish connection. This feature is vital in unmanned, hazardous or remote locations such as that chosen for the establishment of the construction site webcam.