Case Studies

The Time-lapse Company


The Time-lapse Company

When continuous connectivity is required


Provide reliable equipment that can be installed in very remote, harsh locations that can withstand extreme temperatures and would easily integrate with their own products


Casa Systems NTC-221 4G Industrial Router

4G Industrial Router Benefits:

  • Reliable Connectivity
  • Reliable Asset Tracking
  • Remote Management

Founded in 2008, The Time-lapse Company is a leading local supplier of time-lapse photography to Government, Infrastructure and Tier 1 construction. They work with some of Australia’s most iconic companies to help manage their projects, report on progress, and to visually communicate their achievements.

Installing over 450 cameras across 250 long-term projects, delivering over 3 million remote images, The Time-lapse Company gives customers a valuable tool that helps different departments track what they need to without costly site visits, accessing images via an online viewing portal.

Large-scale, significant, national projects require equipment that is reliable, durable and easy to install and run. The Time-lapse Company delivers solutions for public and private sector companies with strict visibility, performance or compliance-based KPIs and require reliable equipment that can be installed in very remote, harsh locations.

“When it came to our hardware, we were looking for a 4G router with low power, modular, small form factor that was able to withstand extreme temperature environments; a device that could integrate easily to our flagship product, the Remote Time-lapse Unit™” says Cameron Davies, The Time-lapse Company’s Managing Director. “Keeping connected to the Unit is critical, as images need to be uploaded in a timely manner, and we move a lot of data (up to 20GB a day); so if this doesn’t work, we simply aren’t doing our job.”

Casa Systems have a range of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) devices that provide reliable, unmanned cellular connectivity that can operate in the harshest environments. For this solution, the Casa Systems NTC-221 4G Industrial Router was perfect. Its rugged industrial housing thrives in harsh environments with minimal servicing, providing the tool to link The Time-lapse Company’s cameras with the necessary customer teams and users.

“The always-on nature of our devices provides the perfect use case for The Time-lapse Company’s requirements”, says Casa Systems Industrial IoT Product Portfolio Manager, Menno Houtman. “Our devices combine rugged hardware with innovative software to ensure always-on functionality no matter what.”

By incorporating Casa Systems’ IIoT devices into their product offering, The Time-lapse Company was able to confidently deliver their services to an ever-expanding customer base, knowing that it would simply just work.

Cameron Davies adds, “With images uploading and with continuous connectivity our clients can stay on top of their projects, viewing images within minutes of capture. Along with the images, the constant connectivity provides accurate diagnostics, so that gives us all the information we need to ensure the success of our client’s projects. We have found Casa Systems very responsive and efficient, a great supplier for a fantastic product.”