Casa Access Devices (CAD) is committed to pursuing industry specific best practices in environmental performance by undertaking its activities in an environmentally responsible manner and effectively managing any aspects that may lead to an impact on the environment. Environmental management is accepted as an essential element of effective and efficient business that must be properly considered and integrated into all elements of Casa Access Devices operations.

The Environmental Management System provides a framework for setting, monitoring and reviewing environmental objectives and targets and resources are provided to ensure these objectives are met.

Casa Access Devices has demonstrated commitment to maintain systems in accordance with the requirements of applicable national and international standards. Casa Access Devices holds a third-party certification for ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

As a Company, we will:

- Maintain knowledge of environmental legislation and regulations and comply with the requirements at all times

- Set environmental objectives, monitor and make necessary changes to improve EMS - Environmental Management System (as a part of Integrated Management System)

- Continually improve our environmental performance by responsibly minimising and controlling waste and preventing pollution

- Evaluate operations to identify, create and implement efficient business practices

- Communicate our environmental policy to all employees, contractors and the public

- Consult and collaborate with customers and suppliers in the development of sustainable products including packaging materials

- Continue to fulfill our environmental obligations as part of our design, manufacture and operational activities

As Individuals, we will:

- Adopt workplace environmental policy as part of normal business practice

- Identify and report any actual or potential environmental incidents

- Participate in relevant environmental consultation and training initiatives

- Promote environmental awareness

This policy is a guiding principle for Casa Access Devices and will be reviewed periodically to ensure its ongoing relevance and confirm Casa Access Devices' ongoing commitment to the environment.