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With over 4 billion people around the world now connected to the Internet attention is fast turning to what some are calling the second generation of the Internet: The Internet of Things (IoT).

The global IoT market is expected to grow aggressively over the next years up to 27 billion devices, generating US$3 trillion in revenues by 2025 according to leading research firm Gartner.

Most benefit is expected to come from the Industrial IoT (IIoT) market as businesses across multiple industrial sectors start to significantly reduce costs by delivering new operational efficiencies.

3GPP network category evolution

The nature of the IIoT market means that IIoT devices are going to require low bandwidth connectivity and, just as importantly, have improved power consumption to allow for a long lifespan in the field.

Until quite recently traditional cellular networks have not been well suited to supporting the nascent IIoT market meaning that IIoT networks have so far relied on unlicensed spectrum usage which has resulted in a very fragmented approach due to limited area coverage.

To allow for a wider service offering, the 4G LTE evolution in Release 13 of 3GPP focussed on new low complexity network types that support reduced bandwidth and allow an ultra-long battery life.


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