NBN-ready vs NBN compliant gateways

20.02.2019 - Steve Collins

NBN-ready vs NBN compliant gateways

The nbn™ network is bringing fast broadband Internet to all Australians – but many will fail to benefit from the network’s full potential. To make the most of their service, homes and businesses need the right equipment.

For a home or business gateway to be truly nbn-ready, it must be nbn compliant. To achieve nbn compliance, a gateway needs to fulfil 28 requirements that are specifically defined by nbn to maximise throughput, improve stability, meet guaranteed speeds and improve the customer experience.

A number of devices claim to be nbn-ready, while only offering a WAN interface that connects to the Optical Network Termination point in each premises. These devices are nbn-ready in that they include this interface to support Fibre to the Home (FTTH) services, or VDSL2 access in the case of Fibre to the Node (FTTN) or Fibre to the Basement (FTTB) services – but they are not always nbn compliant.

nbn compliant gateways offer much more than the above-mentioned hardware interfaces to ensure an optimal customer experience.

What makes a gateway nbn compliant?

An nbn compliant gateway ticks all the compliance boxes needed to maximise broadband speed and performance.

Requirements such as vectoring, reduction of cross talk, G.inp and noise protection will reduce line noise and interference.

To prevent connection dropouts, an nbn compliant router deals with temporary signal interference by offering seamless rate adaption support that enables dynamic data rate changes.

Processing power, memory and quality of service requirements further improve the customer experience, as do the VLAN tagging and DSCP marking requirements needed to tag and prioritise traffic.

NetComm Wireless’ range of nbn compliant gateways are designed to optimise high-speed broadband via the nbn™ network to ensure that those who sign up for an nbn plan will receive the fastest available Internet speed, performance and reliability.


Steve Collins

Chief Technology Officer, Netcomm Wireless