Corporate Governance

Diversity Policy


Diversity Policy

At NetComm Wireless Limited we are committed to diversity and inclusion because we are passionate about achieving breakthrough results. We believe that a company that reflects the diversity of its customers and their clients will translate into deeper relationships, engagement and insights. We believe:

  • Diversity creates better solutions. We generate better solutions to the complex challenges that business in the 21st century face when we invite and include different voices, experiences and talents in our Company. A wealth of thinking styles, backgrounds and skills are necessary to tackle critical relationships with our customers around the world. Moreover, we believe that diversity and inclusion help us attract better quality people at all levels.
  • Diversity matters to our customers. How we interact with our customers matters, especially since our customers themselves have diverse employment and serve diverse client bases. Connecting with our customers and their clients is essential to developing the type of long term relationships that foster commitment, engagement and collaboration and ultimately growth in revenues and profitability.
  • Including diverse voices aligns with our values. We aspire to create a company where each member of our team believes their unique talents and experiences are valued and can be fully and successfully brought to bear in our work.


We monitor our diversity and are committed to creating a Company that reflects the diversity of the countries and the customers we serve. We are proud of progress being made and are committed to achieving an appropriate diversity balance at all levels. The Company’s focus and progress to date will be continued.


The Company is registered as a “relevant employer” by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) with annual reporting (commencing for the reporting period ending 31st March 2018). The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing measurable diversity-related objectives for the Company as part of this reporting. These objectives will be communicated by the company through its reporting to the WGEA each year, the ASX and shareholders.

An annual assessment of these objectives and review of progress will be carried out by our Board’s Nomination and Remuneration Committee, who will report its assessment to the Board of Directors and make recommendations for further refinements and improvements as appropriate.

Progress will be measured and will be included in the WGEA reporting and Company’s annual reports. NetComm Wireless Limited has a number of objectives in place to continually work towards our vision. These objectives will ensure we:

  • Continue to recognise and celebrate our diversity and grow our workforce to reflect the diversity of the populations of the countries in which we work
  • Continue to ensure there are equal opportunities for women performing senior roles and that their compensation is equal to the men employed in similar roles
  • Continue to create programs that develop women to take on senior roles within the business
  • Provide people with disability, employment opportunities and career advancement.


This policy provides a framework for existing and new diversity related initiatives and polices within our business. We will continue to promote and reward our team members based on an annual assessment of their individual performance, capability and potential. Our business leaders are committed to providing opportunities that allow individuals to reach their full potential irrespective of individual background or difference.


The Company’s CEO and the Board will monitor the progress of diversity related initiatives and evaluate their implementation and ensure that diversity related programs are progressing correctly and successfully.