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NetComm wins NBN "We Care" Supplier award for the development of a user friendly Network Connection Device (NCD)


NetComm wins NBN "We Care" Supplier award for the development of a user friendly Network Connection Device (NCD)

Sydney: 17 September 2018: At nbn’s yearly Supplier Summit, NetComm received the “We Care” award, which recognizes the supplier that has shown the most care in delighting nbn’s customers and making the nation a better place.

NetComm received the award for the development of the NCD, a key element in the Fibre to the Curb (“FTTC”) network. The NCD provides power to the Distribution Point Unit (“DPU”) in the pit and connectivity in the home. It can be self-installed by the end-user, avoiding expensive truck rolls and speeding up activations.

The NCD was conceived, designed, developed and manufactured in only a 5 month period. “This was a World-First product, combining Gfast and Reverse-Power technologies. The product was designed and made available to nbn in 5 months, which is ‘light-speed’ in product development terms” said Ken Sheridan, CEO & Managing Director at NetComm.

NetComm was absolutely focussed on producing a product that was not only highly effective but provided a truly great in home customer experience. This has resulted in a product that is now being deployed with a very high self-installation success rate.

The award confirms that there are multiple facets to be considered when developing a solution. By working closely together with the customer and understanding the operational challenges, NetComm develops solutions that consider the complete deployment process. The end-to-end solution, including both the DPU and NCD, will allow nbn to efficiently roll-out its FTTC network and other operators around the world are showing great interest in using this solution to offer fibre-like speeds to more end-users.

“Being an Australian based company, supporting the nbn in its task to build a ubiquitous network, is something we care deeply about,” said Ken Sheridan, CEO & Managing Director at NetComm. “but this award is not only about our work with nbn. It’s a recognition that the best solutions are developed by working closely together with our customers and listening to their specific needs and challenges. This Listen. Innovate. Solve. Methodology is the core of how we operate and is welcomed by many operators around the world.”

NetComm are right now in conversations with other Telecommunications Operators around the world, aiming to execute similar joint developments to Solve their broadband deployment challenges.


NetComm (ASX: NTC) is a global developer of solutions that bridge the gap between fibre and the home, device or machine. In a world where everyone’s connected life matters, Fixed Wireless broadband, wireless M2M/Industrial IoT and Fibre to the distribution point (FTTdp) solutions are specially engineered for challenging deployments. At NetComm we understand that no one-solution fits all. Every operator, carrier and enterprise is different, so we build the right VDSL, Gfast, 4G and 5G solution to meet specific network, market and geographic conditions worldwide. Established in 1982, NetComm is a globally renowned innovator of world-first data communications technologies.

Els Baert

Director of Marketing and Communications, NetComm