5G mmWave is set to disrupt broadband services by delivering significant advancements to Fixed Wireless Access for home and business users. The AurusAI is a powerful 5G High Power mmWave Outdoor CPE designed to optimize connectivity to a 5G mmWave network and deliver undisrupted Gigabit broadband access. Its innovative Autonomous Intelligent (AI) antenna design will ensure the device is connected to the strongest available mmWave signal for the lifetime of the service. The AurusAI adapts to urban, suburban, and rural markets and is designed to deliver ease of installation with its state-of-the-art installation capabilities.

Introducing the new AurusAI

The industry's first high-power 5G mmWave customer premise equipment (CPE) that combines stylish, compact design with intelligent, steerable antennas and Gigabit speeds

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5G mmWave: Disrupting or Disappointing?

The broadband world is ready for new disruptive technology and many believe that this disruptor could be 5G mmWave. How do we take advantage of this unique opportunity? Steve Collins, SVP Access Devices at Casa Systems, discusses the next frontier for FWA solutions and how this new technology opens up new opportunities.

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