Casa Access Devices (CAD) is committed to be an industry leader in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of high-quality communication devices and systems. We are dedicated and determined to make innovation the foundation on which our future is secured.

In support of this, we ensure that our products designed, manufactured and delivered that makes a positive contribution to our clients' needs and meet and exceed quality, timeliness and other agreed performance requirements.

Casa Access Devices has demonstrated commitment to maintain systems in accordance with the requirements of applicable national and international standards. Casa Access Devices holds a third-party certification for ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

As a Company, we will:

- Commit to an uncompromised focus on product and service quality, reliability and performance.

- Review product and process deficiencies to ensure appropriate actions are taken to correct and prevent them

- Continually improve our products and services, as measured by our clients and regulators through the excellence of our people and processes

- Invest in sustained research and development programs resulting in enhanced solutions and value to our clients

- Monitor and act on customer feedback

- Continually improve our QMS - Quality Management System (as a part of Integrated Management System) by setting the quality objectives, monitoring and making necessary changes in line with ISO 9001 standard.

- Communicate this policy, company strategy and context to ensure employees and stakeholders have shared understanding and commitment to these principles.

As individuals, we will:

- Adopt the quality policy as part of normal business practice

- Take appropriate action to control risk and prevent errors

- Participate in improvement programs, training activities and promote awareness of the importance of compliance and improvement.

This policy is a guiding principle for Casa Access Devices and will be reviewed periodically to ensure its ongoing relevance and confirm Casa Access Devices' ongoing commitment to quality.