Fixed Wireless

From Rural to Urban

In an increasingly competitive market operators are always looking for new revenue streams and the evolution of wireless technology from 4G to the fast developing 5G is opening up exciting new options.

Today’s rapidly improving wireless technology gives operators the opportunity to deliver high speed fixed broadband services to end-users in a fast and cost-effective way.

Fixed Wireless services can use the existing mobile network to deliver high speed fixed broadband services in areas where there may not be existing high speed fixed broadband services and where it is likely to be too expensive to deliver Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks.

Delivering Ubiquitous Broadband


The introduction of 5G is promising to create a real change in how we live, allowing for higher speeds over the mobile network, lower latency and for more devices to be connected.

In an increasingly connected world, with an enormous number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices set to be connected to the network, this is a major milestone in the evolution of cellular technologies.

However, the looming challenge is that the multiple future applications will have very different requirements. For example, while some applications will require high bandwidth, others won’t need very much, but will instead require very low latency.

Although there has been lots of speculation about the new applications that will emerge from 5G in the future, one of the first emerging 5G applications is Fixed Wireless.

With the new capabilities being added to the 5G standard and the additional spectrum that will become available 5G will allow for more bandwidth and service separation on the same physical network, enabling an even more efficient Fixed Wireless network and better services for end-users.


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5G Fixed Wireless

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The Business Case for Fixed Wireless Access: Key Market Drivers and a Framework for Evaluation

Author Mark Lowenstein, Managing Director, Mobile Ecosystem

FWA is set to become a major competitor to fixed broadband as new spectrum, network equipment, CPE and the advent of 5G transforms this niche technology into an economically viable option for broadband service in new markets worldwide.

Read which considerations need to be made to ensure a viable alternative to Fixed Broadband by taking into account the full end-to-end solution.

Mark Lowenstein

Mark Lowenstein

Managing Director, Mobile Ecosystem

Mark Lowenstein is widely recognized as a preeminent industry executive and thought leader. Lowenstein most recently served as VP, Market Strategy and Segmentation at Verizon Wireless. During his fifteen-year consulting career, Lowenstein was Executive VP at the Yankee Group prior to founding Mobile Ecosystem.


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The Business Case for Fixed Wireless Access

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