In an ideal world every house would have a fibre connection delivering access to ultra-fast broadband, but the problem is that delivering a universal Fibre-To-The-home (FTTH) network is very time consuming and expensive.

In many circumstances’ population density may make FTTH too expensive, in others the home-owner may object to any work taking place on their property or the area may simply be inaccessible.

The plain truth is that delivering universal FTTH requires a huge amount of civil works so operators are looking for ways to bridge the gap between full FTTH and other more viable solutions that still deliver a great service to end-users.

At NetComm we co-develop these solutions to ensure it fits the operators’ requirements exactly using standards based technologies such as Gfast for Fibre-to-the-Distribution Point and 4G or 5G for Fixed Wireless.

NetComm places a strong focus on ensuring the end-user experience is fully optimised and that the connection and installation process is as simple as possible.

NetComm also understands that it is our job to help deliver solutions that improve the business case for delivering broadband services by getting customers connected faster and more cost effectively.

The best of both worlds

Combining copper with fibre to deliver high speed broadband services without the cost and time associated to running fibre into the home

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